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October 30, 2016

I have written an entire treatise on Society, which you can read here.
I began formulating some of my previously vague ideas during the Presidential election of 2004, and finalized them when posting them to this website in 2008. They are still rough, yes, but I'll leave those as is. My premise in composing them was to find the solutions that will fit the American ideals... and to establish a form of society that works well enough so that it will be a fine machine that only needs a few regular tune-ups. In the age of universal information, we can find the answers.

I will now begin posting some of my newer ideas to this blog. I hope to contribute to a revitalization of our country and when Donald Trump becomes our President... to offer ideas to his administration. The ideas will also be rough like the original set of concepts... but it is a great exercise in problem-solving, which I happen to enjoy. Maybe someone eventually will gain benefit from my work and my studies... and I have spent many years researching... looking for solutions that work.


I discovered Bill Mollison's philosophy of Permaculture several years ago and learned much from it. Ideally, we can begin to build a society and a world that fits us humans... fits our needs... fits our ideals of freedom and intellect... and allows nature to continue healthfully right along with us. We do not need to rid the world of its beauty and its beautiful wildlife in order to have a civilized world to live in. We can do it all. We just need the concepts that work.

For instance, we have long put up fences around the miles and miles of our lands... to mark our properties and protect land from trespassers and wildlife... to protect our free range cattle... and yet... we are prohibiting the rights of wild roaming animals to seek grazing meadows and water sources. I believe we can manage well enough with a fence around our yards and gardens. I believe we can plant food for wild animals outside of our living communities, and encourage them away from our domestic animals and tended gardens. If there is a fence, it must have a purpose and be limited to that purpose. This gives humans a safe environment, and wild animals a safe environment.

Permaculture philosophy says that monoculture farming kills the soil. Soil is a living thing full of enzymes and critters that break down living matter into "dirt." Regions that practice monoculture have turned their lands into deserts irreversibly in about 200 years, because over time the soil becomes depleted and sterile. Iraq used to be the garden of Eden... now... a desert. In the United States we are reaching that 200 year mark where the soil will give out, and so we are impacting it even further with chemicals to try to squeeze more life out of it.

Cattle raising can also deplete the soil. There are methods of controlled grazing that rotates animals with temporary fencing allowing grass to grow unhindered until the herd is rotated back to it. All in all, permaculture methods make the most productive use of land, and yield greater benefits. These methods can revitalize any sick soils over time... create water resources for communities... and build usable soils anywhere on earth. We can feed the world by teaching them these methods.

Forest Management

Once while driving down the road on GoogleMaps, which you can do to view the scenery and plan your trips... I scanned into the forests... and saw huge scatterings of dead trees. I heard stories of streams and rivers being clogged by fallen trees. I wondered... with all these scattered trees that need to be cleared out, why are they cutting down healthy vibrant forests??? There must be enough wood in these forests to keep lumber industries supplied for many years without cutting one good tree down.

The government could even give these dead trees to any company who tended the forests where they clean out those trees. They would be the forest managers, and their pay would be the fallen trees. Our Forest Service would only provide oversight of the contractors... tag and number the trees... and monitor the forest, perhaps with pictures taken from drones. Perhaps the contracts would only be given to small companies or individuals who stockpile the fallen trees for pick up by lumber companies. Contractors could live on the parcel of 1000 acres or so.

This would create a more healthy forest in the long run, at reduced cost to everyone. The risk of wild fires would be greatly reduced, and the animals could forage more safely. Where humans have taken grazing areas and watering sites, these companies could replant areas with berries, fruits, and ponds.

Contractors can also be given charge of all scrap wood from building demolition and building sites to eliminate the stress on our landfills. Many things can be made from scrap lumber, depending on the type of manufacturer who uses wood framing for their products. Or, there can be warehouses where this wood is required to be taken. Home Depot could have a drop-off site that is picked up weekly for unused scrap lumber.

Disaster Home Building and Efficiency

Our building codes are based on an outdated style of building homes. We can build houses that will stand and stay livable for centuries, but we build our houses out of paper and plaster!! Our country is like a house of cards, having to be constantly temperature-controlled, and repaired, and updated and rebuilt. Straw bale homes... which look like the Mediterranean-style homes, or adobe homes... have withstood tornadoes, floods, and earthquakes. They require little temperature control, being cool in summer... and holding in the warmth in winter.

And, we now have hempcrete... hemp shavings mixed with lime... that is like adobe but which petrifies over time, turning into limestone. It would be more suitable for areas that have earthquakes, violent storms, and hurricanes. If our disaster monies are used to rebuild devastated areas, they should be rebuilt with sturdy structures. In beach areas it should be required that all windows have solid shutters.


We have so many stressed families. Often there is only one parent in the home. The real solution to this will take time... as society becomes less pressured from so many changes we have had to endure. We surely must realize that for many millinia before the industrialized age... before the age of education and intellectual discovery... life was fairly consistent and predictable, except for the wars people were put through. Life had made rules... and the rules changed slowly if at all.

The past century has seen many cultural changes... and we have learned from them. Personally, I have come to despise the "invention" of dating. Girls have regularly been the victims of this concept of building relationships with boys... being put in situations where they are taken advantage of. Adolescents are so anxious to grow up... to bloom... to be loved by someone for who they are. They need a bit of help to do this wisely. I suggest promoting the idea of group activities and totally doing away with the idea of dating.

And once families are made and growing, they are stressed by the daily grind of school and work and household maintenance. People are exhausted, and end up on the couch watching television. If familes want to do things together, there are often only limited choices. Families that play together, stay together... (at least it helps).

Museums should never have an admission charge. They can raise money by organizing galas and festivals or by sponsoring authors and artists to meet and greet the public.

Kids theaters on Saturday, where great old movies are shown for a cheap price. Free popcorn.

Miniature golf, new outdoor games, music in parks on Sundays, gym games...

Schools can regularly have talent shows, family talent shows, or class plays where families come for fun on Friday nights. Schools can take turns being the Sunday concert in parks or gymnasiums. There could be a contest every month between schools for talent shows. There could be themed talent shows, such as the "Wizard of Oz" song competition.

Communities should be actively creating opportunities for families to go out together.

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