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January 21, 2016

Something has been bothering me for a long time.
I'm not certain when I finally woke up to this...
But once I realized it... I notice it every time I see it.

I'm referring to the way that most people carry their babies and their growing children... side-saddle. The parent will pick up the child, wrap the child's legs around their waist... letting the child sit atop the hip... and for short periods and long periods... walk... carrying the child against the hip as they go.

I noticed this before I had my own child, and always made an effort to respect his genital area. He did not ride side-saddle on my hip... he rested on top of my arm. If this was awkward, he stayed in the buggie or on the floor.

It seems that no matter gender... girl or boy... that this way of carrying a child while walking would either cut off the circulation from the pressure against their genital area... or it would cause irritation and stimulation... even a rash from the sand-paper rubbing as they bounce along... up and down... back and forth.

And then... once I took notice of this situation... I began to notice a lot of things that tend to mistreat a child's genital area. I noticed fabric chair holders that require the body's weight to be supported on the genital area. Swings, chairs, toys... even those dang disposable diapers... force a child to sit, stand, and sleep with legs spread wide apart. I wonder what this does to the development of their hips...

And then... when they grow up... they can get... a bicycle.

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