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Death Penalty

August 17, 2015

There is a show on Sunday nights on CNN called "Death Row Stories" which is narrated by Susan Sarandon, and I've watched a few of these shows. Various reports are done on people sentenced to death... where there were questionable circumstances... or corrupt or zealous officials.

Tonight there was an expose' on methods of execution and how those methods have changed throughout history. As it stands today... lethal injection is the chosen form of carrying out an execution.

Lethal injection means... the use of a particular drug that proponents claim causes coma or unconsciousness, followed by another drug which causes something else, followed by another drug which causes death. Who came up with the choice of these drugs...? The Oklahoma Legislature...? (who were the first to come up with the method... ?) And what science was this based on...?

Whatever drugs these are... they don't really do the intended job of executing a human being. There are numerous horror stories of hours of spasms while the convicted person struggles until they finally die... sometimes hours into the execution. If the intention was to devise a more "civilized" method of execution... this doesn't seem to be it.

But... our highest courts are saying that criminals do not have the right to a pain-free execution. "Cruel and unusual punishment" doesn't seem to apply to a torturous death while normal decent human beings watch in horror as it is applied. But... the courts did not seem to realize that the juries that convict these people... and determine their sentences... do not include "torturous death by lethal injection" or "prolonged suffering before finally finishing the job."

No. Our juries determine a prison sentence... or a death sentence... and nowhere do they say "this criminal should be raped, beaten, humiliated, degraded... and made to suffer a torturous death." It is policy makers who impose those "extra punishments" on criminals. It is predatory politicians and deranged religious zealots who impose such things on other human beings.

"We want justice," one legislator claimed...!!! He... was not on the jury.

Families of victims often... but not always... feel no mercy for the person convicted. One said, "Give them Drano... who cares...? did they care...?" And so... we define "justice" as "equal evil." Perhaps this comes from scripture which defines justice as "an eye for an eye." Someone pokes out someone's eye... they get their own eye poked out.

What if it is an accident...? The first eye was still lost... was it not...? Loss is loss. If a person was so inclined... this would be a great occupation... going around making sure that every mistake and every loss is PAID FOR IN FULL. But... is this really what good and decent people really want to believe for their lives...? Is such a thing... really justice...??

If we wish to eliminate violence from our lives... why do we insist on inflicting it...?
Some predators exist outside of the law... and some exist within it. There is something very satisfying about having power over other people... and seeing fear at that power. It is this predatory mentality that makes rapists and thieves and bad policemen and tyrants in every corner of the globe.
Well... the world is not square... with corners, now, is it...

Whatever any high court says... unless the jury specifically designates torture, rape, suffering, and other delicacies of tortures when they determine guilt and punishment... prison or death... then no policy maker can override or supplement it. The "death penalty" by lethal injection means... you inject something that kills them... a merciful and civilized way for society to rid itself of violently criminal human beings... of whom there is no question of their condition.

Unfortunately... there are places in the world where religious zealots... are the murderers. The same rules apply... predators loving their power.

How do we rid the world of violence...??
We eliminate the violence.
We eliminate executions.
We... stop... killing each other.
We... abhor... violence.
And if our religion is violent... we change.

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