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Getting Old

June 1, 2015

I've had the intention to begin an exercise regimen... umm... for at least a year or two. I wasn't looking for excuses in the delay of this... but it's been a struggle to get to a place where I can get this thing going like it should. After a severe car accident... and the stabilizing of my neck and spine from multiple injuries and several relapses of disc herniation... I've been gradually gaining strength so that I can do more physical things again.

I needed proper sports shoes if I was going to take up walking on a treadmill or in walking parks... which slowed me down. Over the summer last year I managed to lose 20 pounds... even without a consistent walking schedule while I camped for most of the summer in Colorado. Altitude sickness slowed me down... and a proper and safe place to walk regularly. I was getting there... slowly but surely.

Back home in the fall... I began regularly doing yard work... sweeping the leaves and debris from trees off the driveway... and... I inadvertently stepped on an acorn with my heel... and it went through the thin sole of my tennis shoe. The immediate pain was pretty bad... and I limped for a week or so... thinking it would heal... and that I'd get back to walking solidly on my full foot in short time. As it happened... it took many months. I believe I'd chipped the bone in my heel. The only medical remedy for a broken heel bone is to screw the bone back in place. It has taken a long time to heal... but I believe it is now finally dependably healed enough to start on a spring and summer walking plan.

Detours... detours... detours...
I came down with the flu about a month ago... just about the same time as my heel injury had finally stopped cropping back up. It hit me hard... but began clearing up... but it has still hung on and taken all these weeks to clear up my sinuses, my laryngitis, and my deep coughing. Today was a good day in that I'd done little coughing and my hope was that I'd come out the other end of this thing.

Then... this evening... I had a bit of a coughing jag... deep coughing... and I heard a crack come from my left side... and then felt sharp pain... and then had the feeling of a collapse when I bent or sat down. (I've got an ice pack on my left side, now). And so... I did a bit of research on pleurisy (which people die from if it gets bad)... and then... I googled... "breaking rib while coughing." And... yep... it is not unheard of to break a rib during a deep, strong cough.

If I did break a rib... it may take a month or two to heal... and I'll be on painkillers while it heals up. A break makes sense as I'd heard the cracking sound when I coughed. A broken rib actually sounds better than pleurisy... but is no fun whatsoever. In fact... it hurts pretty bad. To try to take up an exercise regimen... would be like volunteering to be a punching bag... and aggravating my injury.

Now... I am getting old... I know this... and these injuries aren't the result of getting old... but they sure as heck make me feel like I've aged 10 years in the past two.

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