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Stuck in the Rain

May 19, 2015

This story is adapted from a folk parable that my father told his young kids as a lesson about becoming discouraged.
It seems to me... that it's a good visual of what happened to the hippie revolution. "Let it be. Let it be." "Live and Let Die."
Did you feel abandoned, too...??

It was cold and the sky was threatening rain... as the hair brush salesman turned down a road that appeared to be a short-cut to the next town. He wanted coffee, and food, and a warm bed for the night... so down the back road he went... in a big hurry.

The road wasn't the best... not well-traveled enough to have a good pack on the dirt... and the salesman had dirt flying everywhere behind him as he sped on towards town. But... he wasn't fast enough to beat the rain. It began slowly... and the road held up... but it wasn't long before that dirt road didn't hold up... and the car slid unevenly along the slipperly surface.

He rounded a bend in the road and the wheels of the car... did not make the turn. The car went straight into the ditch. The impatient salesman shook his head. "What a mess this is. What am I going to do, now?"

Then he remembered a farm he had passed right before the turn in the road. There was a tractor sitting right there in the yard. The salesman got out of the car... pulled his suit jacket over his head a bit... and took off down the muddy road.

He slipped and he slided... and being hungry and tired... his disposition turned sour. He thought to himself... "the farmer's probably eating supper." And... walking a little farther on... "that was a brand new tractor... that farmer won't want it getting all muddy." And then a little farther on... he had figured... that that farmer was probably some rich snoot who hated door-to-door salesman and would go get his gun when he walked onto the property.

By the time he'd reached the back door of the farmhouse... the salesman was in a fit to be tied... nearly red in the face... and when the door opened and the farmer looked at him... the salesman said,
"You can just take your damned brand new tractor and go to hell."
He then just walked off... and went back to his car... leaving the farmer dazed and totally puzzled.

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