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A Short Report on Fuel Uses

September 24, 2014

The truth of the devastation of our planet would horrify the American people.
If they only knew... how many barrels of nuclear waste has been dumped into the oceans over the past six decades... and how those barrels are rusting... and how the oceans are a sewer of plastic confetti... it is horrifying. And then there is the subject of methane.

The truth itself is more terrorizing than any new faction of the "al qaeda."

Instead of arguing about these things... why aren't we cleaning it up...??
Why aren't we using trollers to skim up the plastic garbage...??
Why are we stomping our feet...?
instead of getting out there and DOING IT...!!
Then, send the bill of the cost of the clean ups to the responsible parties...
ya know how it's done in every city in America...?
if the city has to clean up your mess, they send you the bill
which costs a lot more than if you did it yourself
and you get a fine or jail sentence on top of THAT...
(imagine justice happening in America )...
how many people have been jailed in YOUR state...?
or have a fund that finances the cleaning up of the oceans of plastic...

Those who know... DO... those who don't... TEACH.
Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.


Video - First appearance of the Keystone Kops - 1913

Wikipedia - Keystone Kops

The Keystone Pipeline represents the long-term plans of China's economy.

The Keystone Pipeline is really like a horror story of the Keystone Kops...
you know... the Keystone Kops who ran around bumping into each other not knowing what to do or where to go...? It is total foolhardiness. Instead of putting investment money into developing new fuels for marine transportation... they got stuck in this "chasing their own tail" where all they could see was OIL to ensure the continuation of their exporting businesses... and the stability of their economy. They made alliances with Middle Eastern countries and others... invested in ports... ordered more ships... and built this mountain of commerce... dependent on OIL... and planned for the long-term continuation of this transportation method.

And the world... well, now... the world has gotten used to being able to buy cheap products made in China. China does everything cheaper... and so a huge proportion of the economies of all the nations of the world are addicted either to the cheap production of their goods... or the cheap cost of buying these goods.

What would happen if marine transport was regulated to clean up emissions and increase efficiencies on petroleum products...?? Would they change over to bio-fuels...? Would selling the idea of bio-fuels to China... be the more productive route to solving the carbon/climate problem we are having...??

Send Willie Nelson to sell the idea of bio-fuels to the Chinese..!!

Resource materials:

China Shipping Lines

COSCO - China Ocean Shipping Company

Government Reports
costs of marine transport
slow steaming reduces fuel use, but adds shipping time
cost per container

miles per gallon in shipping methods -- per ton of cargo

comparing shipping methods and costs

government report on CAFE standards, uses of fuel types
passenger cars use 70% of transportation fuel, or 70% of 30%
deregulation impacts on modes of transport - rail, truck, air
a table showing percentage of fuel consumption by transports
in the end notes it states (amazingly)
"As of December 1992, there were 2,240 federal and over 248,000 nonfederal alternative-fuel vehicles. Almost 143 million automobiles and 43 million light trucks were operated on alternative fuels in the United States in 1991. These 250,240 alternative-fuel vehicles represent less than 0.2 percent of the passenger vehicles."

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