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President Obama Speeches

September 24, 2014

I always love a good speech.

Opening week at the United Nations

President Obama speaking at the United Nations
Referring to the use of religion to breed hatred and violence...
calling upon the U.N. to enforce its own rules of international behavior.

President Obama speaking on Climate Change
At one point sounding realistic...
at another saying "reduce emissions by 2050."

President Obama speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative
Speaking on his directive "across the government" to partner with "civil society groups." Much reference to "Civil Society Groups."
He names many activists and says, "We will stand with you."

President Obama presiding over the opening of the U.N. Security Council Meeting
President Obama enters a resolution of some nations to fight terrorism.
U.N. Secretary General speaks on the causes of war, especially in the mideast.

President Obama speaking at the open government partnership meeting
This group was started by Obama several years ago, and has seen fruit.
Speaking again about "civil society." New website "USAspending.gov" to make public where the government spends its money. Promote responsible business conduct overseas, referring to corruption in business.
"We have to deepen our partnerships with civil society."

President Obama speaking at the U.N. luncheon
Obama recognizes the work of Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the U.N.
Obama toasts the U.N. health workers and peacekeepers

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