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The People's Climate March

September 21, 2014

Today all around the world... people are marching in the streets for change.

For those who still believe that we can save the planet.
Live Streaming coverage of the People's Climate March
and -- Democracy Now live streaming coverage

For those who know the truth...

For those who don't know and don't care... today is football day... have a beer.

And so... what ARE the dynamics of change...?
What does change look like...?
Are we still waiting for the government to bring about this change...??

I would dare say that the majority of people living in modern America believe that oil and other filthy fossil fuels are what give them their comfortable lifestyle... and that to change will mean a degradation of that comfortable lifestyle. Until this illusion is changed, you will have a difficult time preaching change to anyone but the choir. They aren't listening.

To make the change from a lifestyle dependent on fossil fuels... to a lifestyle freed from this filthy source of energy... means more than marching to raise awareness of the looming planetary disaster... in the hope of preventing total catastrophe. Yes... awareness is part of it... but it will not bring about the change we need.

We need workable choices... so that we CAN change if we want to change.
If we have no workable choices... it doesn't matter how fiercely we want to change, we will have no change to CHOOSE...!

Here is a partial list of things that must change before people can change.

1. Allow safe travel on through streets (not highways) for alternative vehicles. Battery-powered golf carts and other small vehicles should be able to use public streets just as do the heavy vehicles. Imagine if trucks were the only vehicle allowed on the streets. If bicycles are allowed to use public streets... anyone should be able to use them.

2. Update building codes to accommodate those who want to build alternative houses. Forty percent of fossil fuels are used to build and heat/cool the houses promoted by the construction industry and city zoning commissions. This is where our efforts would be put to better use... challenging the status quo of these industries.

3. Develop a financing institution that installs and maintains alternative energy for individual homes, neighborhood systems, and whole town energy systems. Payment on the financing would be based on the already budgeted energy bills... and their average monthly payment. Surely there is a rock 'n roll alliance that can design such an energy plan... if they're even paying attention to the subject.

4. Develop a mass transit system based on add-ons to our water bills... our public utility bill. Transportation is a right and a necessity... and adding a $2. or $3. "Transportation" use fee... may well be enough to provide free mass transit for all. If the governments can't bring themselves to design a route system... then those who are pushing for change should do it... and promote it.

My point is this... if you want change... show us what that change looks like. Or... expect to be patronized, ignored, and dissed.

Change must be practical or you will never see it. Give us a vision...!!

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