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December 25, 2014

Inhabitat.com - Homeless housing resource ideas

One of the many interesting things that I learned while hanging out during the "Occupy" events... specifically in Oklahoma City... was the plight of the local homeless population. Since there was a good supply of hot coffee and free donated food... some of the homeless population made their way through.

I imagine there wasn't a larger influx of homeless people... since I had asked a few questions of a homeless person I'd made acquaintance of... and had been told that there were likely 15,000 homeless people in the city...
perhaps more homeless didn't come around... was because it was rumored that the police had set up watch stations on top of all the surrounding buildings... and were likely taking pictures and listening to the "activist" conversations going on...

and fer shur... there were a few odd people showing up... talking about doing things such as "breaking the law" or having an "armed revolution." Personally, I had thought it all very strange that people were allowed to camp in a city park with no real argument from the authorities. In short... IMO... it was a Department of Homeland Security "terrorist" sting.

I have spent much time during my life... trying to find answers for the homeless populations. Our system is set up to ensure that there are always homeless... and desperate... populations. It ensures that "our mastas" (management) keep the ability to force people to work for desperately low wages... with the threat of always having some other desperate person to take one's job if you don't like the way one is treated.... aka "wage slavery."

It was enlightening to discover from my acquaintance that the food that they were given at the homeless shelter was unfit to eat. This guy had been given yogurt... and only after he'd eaten some did he realize it was full of mold... and expired for a month. He was having to deal with food poisoning.

One has to wonder... is this deliberate poisoning... to thin out the homeless crowd...?

Why would anyone treat these people so badly...?
The rules at the shelter were... they had to turn in all money they had to the manager. I don't think they got that money returned to them, either.

I don't harbor many dreams for myself... although I've always wanted my own home... even if it was nothing but an old shack... where I could have a garden... and privacy... but my main dreams have always been... to make the world a better place to live in... and I'm not talking about THE MIDDLE CLASS. I'm not talking about entertaining the goddamned ignorant MIDDLE CLASS... who have bought into the mentality that these people should fend for themselves. Who... would hire them...?

What needs to happen is a change in zoning... and facilities for those who are in desperate circumstances. It is a national health issue. It is something that the Department of Disease Control should require of every state... to provide sanitary facilities for everyone. Where do these broken and struggling people go to the toilet...? wash...? bathe...? sleep safely...?

This society cannot claim moral superiority as long as such a thing is allowed.
And that... dears... is that... or don't call yourselves a "Christian" nation.

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