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The Party Is Over

November 17, 2014

Once upon a time, a culture was built around fossil fuels. There was a real need to provide light and heat for the increasing populations of the world... and fossil fuels were plentiful and cheap. Oil was so cheap that no great concern was exercised as the infrastructure of the developing world was built nearly exclusively on the use of it.

Houses and even skyscrapers were designed that would need constant air-conditioning and heating. Transportation was designed so that every car on the road would need to refuel as often as possible. Standards to design cars that got better mileage were fought with fierce battles by the fuel and automotive companies. They wanted people to use lots of fuel. They even fought having to clean up the pollution that those fuels caused. And there was destruction and pollution everywhere these fuel companies went.

Other modes of energy were available and more were invented, but the fossil fuel culture seemed to be so necessary that no one took notice of anything else. You see... people were getting very rich doing this... and they were our "friends." They gave us what we needed... and we always needed MORE.

Once upon a time, there was a heroin dealer. He always had lots of money and was known for the great parties he planned. All the cool people in the neighborhood would come, and everyone had lots and lots of fun. At the parties he told all his new friends about how wonderful the "junk" was -- how it would make them happy and give them everything they wanted. (Of course, it meant that they would become addicted to the "junk" -- but, hey, their world would be happy, wouldn't it??).

Once upon a time there were politicians who didn't see the connection between an addiction to heroin and an addiction to fossil fuels. They hocked their children's future to feed this addiction. You see, addiction was now a normal and accepted thing... and the entire country... even the world... had bought into the fantasy that all their problems could only be solved with fossil fuels... JUNK. Everyone was now addicted to it.

It was a putrid addiction, too... spewing fumes and destruction everywhere it went. But the addiction was so strong that politicians put entire ecosystems at risk... entire water systems at risk... fought wars to obtain it... destroyed entire countries to get access to it... all... so that they could feed that addiction. They just said, "We are addicted and there is no other way to feed our addiction." Everyone had to just shut up... and make it easy for that addiction to perpetuate itself.

Once upon a time... someone came up with a new way to deliver this addictive and unnecessary JUNK... they called it THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE. It had the potential to destroy an entire national water system... just so the addiction to oil could be prolonged a few more years before it ran out entirely. After all... the reason it was needed in the first place was because it was getting harder and harder to get access to cheap crude oil. And it had a buddy... called "fracking."

In reality... it was a time bomb... built along waterways and aquaducts... with a near guarantee that there would be breaks and spills at any point along the thousands of miles it spanned. It would be an undefendable target for terrorists and crazy people... and teenage pranksters. It had the potential to cause destruction worse than any war bomb... with the kind of destruction that could NEVER be repaired or rebuilt.

But... the attempts to clean up the eventual breaks in the pipeline... the thousands of miles of that pipeline... would be quite costly... and that cost would be transferred to the end-users... us.

The Keystone Pipeline... will be the line drawn in the sand... at which the people will say NO MORE. It is what will classify the oil industry - FINALLY - as a national enemy to be despised and criminalized.

The power structure that created a world dependent on fossil fuels... will be seen as equivalent to a heroin dealer whose only goal was to addict everyone... and who cared little about the lives and health of anyone... that has brought us to a dead end with no way out... and no time to get out even if we wanted to.

The low rumble of outrage you hear in the distance will become louder and louder as people begin to realize the genuine threat it poses to the country and its people.

Listen... listen... for the drums

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