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Politics, Ugh!

October 20, 2014

The season for politics seems to be always upon us.
You'd think the pundits would have cured us by now... of our fascination with the games of politics. But... no... we get fed a daily diet of all the ABC's of who hates who and why...
(ABC = "Already Been Chewed")

Then... here comes Bernie Sanders... with no party to back him.
He won't have the money to run for President without party money.
And... we are all screaming about money in politics, anyway...
And so...
I'm reminded of an idea I had some years ago... which I'm sure some politician somewhere has used... although I couldn't name one at the moment... and that idea is...

Take what money your campaign raises, and instead of using it for television ads... MAKE YOUR OWN NEWS.

Ways to make news are...
1. Have meetings at parks, and install playground equipment.
Be known for your public improvement projects... using your money to get attention by doing something better with money than paying corporations.

2. Don't wear yourself out shaking hands with everyone in town... (this tends to look foolish after the first twenty)... have picnics and invite anyone who wants to come... and ask restaurants to donate food. Have a dang party...!

3. Wave a white flag. Red is the color of Republicans. Blue is used for Democrats. And... with a flag that is red, white, and blue... the only color left is WHITE. It's a bit of a joke, really... but... healthy sarcasm... "we're the only party left... and we aren't even a party."

4. Have a lot of town picnics in states that have denied Medicaid under Obamacare. Let the Republicans know that... they have made people poor... and those poor folks can still vote... and they are demanding healthcare.

5. Hmmm... go and count how many people make less than $20,000. a year. Since they can't afford a vacation... have a party called "the vacation party cause we couldn't afford a real one."

There are ways of getting attention without paying television stations and spending funds to do professional commercials. Bernie Sanders is a real person... he should stay real and not try to play the same game the way politics has been played before.

Heck... we can change the whole game of politics... and make the professionals look like the liars that they are... over-paid used car salesmen. Hey... maybe have a used car salesman speak at the rallies... "I'm a reformed used car salesman... or rather... I left the Republican party. I have repented my ways."

There's nothing better than a campaign that actually accomplishes something instead of just making promises about maybe accomplishing something... well, if you can get everyone to agree when you get in office... and then have excuses abundantly for not doing anything.


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