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October 18, 2014

I've heard tell that... Congress passed a law requiring Bio-diesel to be stored in tanks above ground... because it is a hazardous material...?

If this is true... and petroleum products are still stored in tanks below ground... then... well... the Congress has voted that no new tanks for petroleum should be built below ground. If they are counting on grand-fathering in all the gas stations that already exist... they aren't counting on the new ones.

You can't have it both ways.

As it is... there are laws about leakage from below-ground gas storage tanks... and there are places in this country that have yet to be cleaned up. The tanks that are still in place... in the hundreds of thousands of stations across the country... likely are not regularly checked for leakage. Seems to me... it isn't as hard to check for leaks in storage tanks as gas companies want us to think.

You can drill for soil samples.
You shouldn't be allowed to see a profit until you've cleaned up the old mess.

In the meantime... an above-ground Bio-Diesel tank would be the best advertisement for the sale of it. People don't know where to buy it...? all they need to do is look for the bio-diesel tanks, and pull in to the station. Paint them green...! Use them to promote the sale of it... paint signs like "your moral choice... bio-diesel fuel"... or "make the change... go with bio-diesel."

As with many things that at first look like a road-block against change...
turn the prism...
squeeze that lemon...
and see how it can work FOR you
when they thought it would work against you.

When they think they are empowering themselves...
at the same time... they are empowering YOU.

I've seen this happen so often... I just call it... "lemonade."

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