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October 11, 2014

Neil Young has published a new book about his cars which is due out October 14.
This one should be good... as it is autobiographical in nature.
(There's nothing better than first-hand story-telling.)
(I just noticed the pun of "auto" in "auto-biographical" -- auto also being "cars").
So let's all hop in the car and go for a long ride with him.
His book "Waging Heavy Peace" was actually quite readable...
so this one should be at least as good.

Depending on the source... we have differing images of the content.
(See images below:)

Neil likes game playing... so play with that one for a while.
See what you end up with.

He created his art by tracing photos and then adding the color.

I'd write an autobiography, too... but I wouldn't want anyone to read it.
So much to tell, and no one to tell it to. It certainly would clear up a few things. But then... one could get sued if one tells too much without proof. I've thought of how I could do it... to eliminate confusion... if anyone was interested, that is... and... can't figure out how. And... who would ever believe any of it, if I did...? A lot of risk for little gain... and a lot to lose. Not cool. No one would believe it.

I did good just to survive it.

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