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Oldies But Goodies - 2

October 10, 2014

Are you having a bad night, like I'm having a bad night...?

First -- a commercial from our friends at Americans for Prosperity
American's for Prosperity at the People's Climate March

who have no answers... and don't even know the questions
or... rather than being ignorant... may just be deliberately evil...??
Is there any other word for it...?? How about REGULATION of capitalism...

We will always have some sort of "capitalism" -- but it shouldn't be predatory capitalism -- and it should live by moral human laws. So, maybe we should outlaw corporations, because they exercise no responsibility... and as "persons" they MUST exercise responsibility. You can't put a corporation in jail. We can't permit lawful thievery and eco-crimes and moral crimes... just because it is a corporation. Someone must accept responsibility.

Thus... a private company can be a "person" -- but a public corporation MUST be a "thing" -- because it is a "multiple" with shareholder owners.
Okay, so the commercial made me angry...


And if you are feeling as though your life is a never-ending street fight... and are tired of getting beat up on... here's "Everybody's Talking at Me"...
Ooops... this is -- The Boxer, Simon and Garfunkul

You wanna beat me up, too...? I'm gonna put you on my list of crazy people...
Surely you can think of something nicer to do than this...
Maybe it's cuz I'm ugly... watcha think?


A good night for Sarah Vaughan... a really sweet lady... or used to be.

A song for ladies and gentlemen alike: Mean To Me, Sarah Vaughan

If you've had too much of people being mean, here's one: Tenderly, Sarah Vaughan

People who laugh are not the people who do... They All Laughed, Sarah Vaughan

Yea... I know... you hate me, too. Been there. Done that. I Remember You, Sarah Vaughan

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